Massage & Body Treatments

Massage & Body Treatments

Swedish Massage Therapy
Enjoy the numerous benefits of a luxuriant relaxing massage.

Half Hour $60

Full Hour $110

90 Minutes $145

Aromatherapy Massage
Starts with a total-body dry-brushing of the skin which removes dead skin, improves circulation and stimulates lymph flow. It’s followed by an aromatherapy massage using your choice of essential oils.

$160 (85 minutes)

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage focuses on releasing and realigning the deeper layers of muscle, tendons, and connective tissue fascia. Chronic muscle tension and spasms can be released, blood pressure and anxiety lowered, and arthritis symptoms reduced. It can also improve recovery from injuries. These are only some of the benefits of Deep Tissue Massage. This is especially helpful for contracted and tight areas such as neck, scalp, shoulders, lower back, calves, and feet.

$120 (60 minutes)

$150 (90 minutes)

Foot Reflexology
Based on a system of zones & reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet. By gently pressing these areas, the corresponding parts of the body are stimulated and energized.

$65 (30 minutes)

Therapeutic Back Cleanse
Includes dry brush treatment, steam, scrub, mask, foot & back massage.

$95 (60 minutes)

Ear Candling
An ancient remedy which gently & effectively cleanses the ear canals.

$55 (60 minutes)



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